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Washing Machine Repair Guys Washing Machine Repair is a subsidiary of Washing Machine Repair Guys. We offer a fixed price repair service for most domestic washing machines – both front loaders and top loaders. Newly established, Washing Machine Repair Guys Specialists now extends to cover areas. Service calls can be booked direct through the service technician so you can discuss your needs or you can book online.

This site has been developed to change the way we offer our services. Until now most repairs service offer a variation of a service call plus an hourly rate and parts. Some have started to offer an all inclusive single fee plus parts. This however only suits minor repairs.

This website is about offering packages for the supply and install of common appliance failures. For instance the most common fault in an electric oven is the fan forced element. So we aggregate our yearly labour and material costs and determine an average charge per element replacement. And then take that cost and offer it as a “Fan Forced Element Replacement Package”. This way you know up front exactly how much this repair is going to cost. And so we bundle up the most common repairs and offer them as “Supply and Install Packages” or what we call “Fixed Price Repairs” now referred to as FPR !

Fixed Price Repairs

We are the first in Washing Machine Repair Guys in to fix our prices for many of the common washing machine repairs.

Repairs such as:

– Drain pump replacement

– Door boot seal replacement

– Motor brushes replacement

– Door interlock replacement

– Inlet valve replacement

– Inlet hose replacement

– Heater element replacement

Why Us?

Experience! – That’s it in a word!

There are many reasons to choose Washing Machine Repair Guys Washing Machine Repairs, but at the heart of it, we like to think its EXPERIENCE!

Trust Us – to fix a price and stick to it!

Trust Us – to use Original Equipment Manufactured Parts (OEM).

Trust Us – to be on time.

Trust Us – that we are correctly qualified or we’ll tell you otherwise.

The modern washing machine is available in two configurations: front loading and top loading. Tests comparing front and top loading machines have proven that front-loaders wash clothes more efficiently, cause less wear and use less water and energy than top-loaders. Using less water also allows for less detergent which increases concentration and chemical action for superior results.

Buying washing machines has become a necessity in households for clean and hygienic laundry. Washing machine repair is inevitable with the extreme use that machines are placed under. When it comes to high quality service and the best washing machine parts, look no further than do-all Appliance Service – your service and repair specialists.

At do-all Appliance Service we understand the importance of quality and longevity with washing machines and regardless of what type or brand of machine you have, like our name suggests we provide repairs and services for all appliances. Whether you need Whirlpool or Fisher & Paykel washing machine repair, our skilled technicians have the know-how to handle and problem. Call now 800-597-7650

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